Monday, August 8, 2011

{Good Cause} Shirts for a Cure

Hi Guys!

So, as many of you know the last few months I have been on a concert rampage. :) It's definitely not a bad thing. It's been fantastic! However, the concert I went to on Saturday July 30th, was a raffle win from a charity dinner.

In December, my Husband Ed and I went to a charity dinner for a project that is pretty amazing... Shirts for a Cure. This isn't just a charity to gain funds for cancer. It is amazing because it gets rock/punk/metal bands to design shirts and donate there design to help gain funds for cancer awareness. It raises funding for underprivileged women who can't afford cancer treatments/therapies, and helps these women through a very trying and hard time.

Last Septemeber, my Mother-in-law was diagnosed with breast cancer. It was one of the hardest things for my husband to hear. As a family, we believed coming together to help was important. We went to the hospital after her first surgery not really knowing what was in store. Long story short my mother-in-law triumphantly fought cancer... and won. After weeks of radation, and months of chemo... she succeeded. I am happy to say she will be returning to work soon, and getting back to her normal routines/habits.

I know the founder Mark Beemer personally. It's a pretty amazing cause and project he has built from the ground up. Mark's devotion, dedication, and drive are all the reasons that this has been such a successful and amazing charity. I don't typically ask, but if you could take the time to find a shirt and donate to the cause, you just helped someone who truly needs it. It's a pretty special thing, and I for one know that it's a cause I am all about supporting. :)

At the annual charity dinner for the SFAC was pretty awesome. I got a chance to learn about the cause, meet the people involved, and be apart of the raffle that helped me win VIP tickets, and seats to the Rockstar Mayhem Fest at Jiffy Lube Live concert venue.  Below are some pictures from the concert, and during the concert I proudly wore my F*ck Cancer bracelets that you can purchase online at there website - Shirts for a Cure.


<3 Brittani

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