Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Meet Kristen

Hi! Please allow me to introduce myself...
My name is Kristen Alfred and I am thrilled to be joining Brittani Gattis Photography! Brittani is great and I love her work, but there are a few other reasons why I am giddy with excitement about this:

1. Brittani is a phenomenal photographer.

I can't wait to not only help her with editing, archiving and social networking, but learn from her. I've been interested in photography for many years and have taken tons of photos, but never at her level. I look forward to the education and oppertunities working with Brittani holds.

2. I can edit for hours.

One of my favorite parts about taking photos is the editing. I love playing with color, black & white and enhancing an already amazing photo. I love to capture moments and save memories. I can sit for hours and get lost in photo editing. There's nothing like taking an amazing photo and making it unforgettable. That's what Brittani Gattis Photography produces: unforgettable photos.

3. Everyone can be a photographer but...

If you've seen Disney's Ratatouille then you've heard the line "everyone can cook". Well, everyone can take a picture, the question is 'will it be as remarkable and unique as a Brittani Gattis photo?' That's for you to decide and when you reach your decision (that Brittani Gattis Photography is the right choice) then we will be ready to capture your most unforgettable moments.

It will be amazing. We want to make it happen and I can not wait to meet you all!


Below are some samples of my work