Friday, June 24, 2011

{NEW} - New Blogs


So I have been changing the blog around! One of the first things you can notice is the new tabs at the top. They will now be 5 blogs!

1- Main blog which is the one in view!

2- Wedding Blog- This will include pictures of weddings, and helpful tips and hints for Bride's!

3- Family Blog- Since I do a lot of family Sessions! Here is the Family blog. This will be used to show cool things to do with your family, and of course! PICTURES!

4- A Personal Blog. Sometimes I have a lot of thoughts and Opinions I wish to share!

5- Lastly, I want to do a Nature Blog! I have so any friends who take great nature pictures that I decided I wanted to keep a Nature themed one too!

I am going to enlist my Hubby to help maintain them all! ;) So there will always be info listed! Thanks so much to all those who come check out my page weekly! You guys are truly the best!

<3 Brittani

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